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  • 2020/11/19

    2020-11-19 (週四) Dr. Kwan-Nang Pang:Magma genesis in orogenic belts: Importance, new findings and future approach

  • 2020/10/29

    2020-10-29 (週四) Dr. Gong-Ruei Ho: A high strain shear zone in the metamorphic core of Central Range, Taiwan: A possible Plio- Pleistocene transform fault

  • 2020/10/28

    2020-10-28 (週三) Dr. Honn Kao:Seismotectonic Configuration of the Northern Cascadia Subduction Zone: Seafloor Earthquake Array Japan-Canada Experiment (SeaJade)

  • 2020/09/10

    2020-09-10 (週四) Dr. Jung-Fu Lin:Energy Sources Powering the Geodynamo

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  • 2020/07/24

    2020-07-24 張星衛 簡任編審 獲選為本院109年工作績優人員

  • 2020/07/07

    2020-07-07 本所高壓礦物物理實驗室研究成果榮登《自然通訊》

  • 2020/06/22

    2020-06-22 本所馬國鳳特聘研究員榮獲中研院109年度第2梯次關鍵突破種子計畫

  • 2020/06/09

    2020-06-09 本所李建成研究員榮獲中研院109年度永續科學計畫

研究 更多

  • Liu, Y. D., J. F. Ying, J. Li, Y. Sun and F. Z. Teng

    Diverse origins of pyroxenite xenoliths from Yangyuan, North China Craton: implications for the modification of lithosphere by magma underplating and melt-rock interactions

  • Pham, T. T., J. G. Shellnutt, T. A. Tran and H. Y. Lee

    Petrogenesis of Eocene to early Oligocene granitic rocks in Phan Si Pan uplift area, northwestern Vietnam: Geochemical implications for the Cenozoic crustal evolution of the South China Block

  • Nguyen, V. D., B. S. Huang, Y. C. Lai, L. M. Nguyen, T. S. Le, V. T. Dinh, K. L. Wen and H. P. Lai

    Deep crust analysis beneath northern Vietnam by using receiver functions: Implications for SE Asia continental extrusion