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  • 2021/06/17

    (Virtual Talk)2021-06-17 (週四) Dr. Yi-Rong Yang: Advanced research tools I established for absolute crustal stress & strength inversion, numerical modelling and early rockfall warning.(in Chinese)

  • 2021/06/10

    (Virtual Talk)2021-06-10 (週四) Prof. David T.W. Lin: Potential prediction on the geothermal energy - porous TH & THM model

  • 2021/05/20

    (Virtual Talk)2021-05-20 (週四) Prof. Hitoshi Kawakatsu:Elucidating the plate evolution via broadband ocean bottom seismology: Pacific Array

  • 2021/03/04

    2021-03-04 (週四) Dr. Ya-Lun S. Tsai : Monitoring Snow Cover and Snowmelt Dynamics and Assessing their Influences on Inland Water Resources

  • 2021/02/02

    2021-02-02 (週二) Workshop* on Ocean Consortium: Adding Dimensions to Earth and Ocean Research

  • 2021/01/28

    2021-01-28 (週四) Dr. Chin-Shang Ku: Current status and future of real-time seismic acquisition and processing systems in IES (in Chinese)

  • 2021/01/21

    2021-01-21 (週四) Dr. Hsin Tung:Space-based geodetic observation and analysis in understanding surface deformation (in Chinese)

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  • 2021/06/18

    2021-06-18 劉怡偉助研究員誠徵 研究助理一名

  • 2021/06/07

    2021-06-07 地球構造研究室徵求碩士級專任研究助理、博士後研究員與博士班/碩士班研究生等數名

  • 2021/05/21

    2021-05-21 極端條件實驗室徵求 博士後研究員、碩士級專任研究助理、博士班/碩士班研究生、大學部專題生等數名

  • 2021/05/13

    2021-05-13 合成孔徑雷達研究室(SARLab)徵求專任研究助理

  • 2021/05/04


  • 2021/03/25

    2021-03-25 地震學研究室-郭本垣研究員誠徵研究助理

研究 更多

  • Wu, P. C. and K. F. Huang

    Tracing local sources and long-range transport of PM10 in central Taiwan by using chemical characteristics and Pb isotope ratios

  • Minh, L. H., V. T. Hung, J. C. Hui, N. L. Minh, B. S. Huang, H. Y. Chen, N. C. Thang, N. H. Thanh, L. T. Thanh, N. T. Mai and P. T. T. Hong

    Contemporary movement of the Earth's crust in the Northwestern Vietnam by continuous GPS data

  • Vilella, K. and F. Deschamps

    Heat-Blanketed Convection and its Implications for the Continental Lithosphere