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  • 2021/07/15

    (Virtual Talk)2021-07-15 (週四) Prof. Yung-Chia Chiu: Using Heat Tracer Test to Characterize the Preferential Flow in Fractured Rocks (in Chinese)

  • 2021/06/17

    (Virtual Talk)2021-06-17 (週四) Dr. Yi-Rong Yang: Advanced research tools I established for absolute crustal stress & strength inversion, numerical modelling and early rockfall warning.(in Chinese)

  • 2021/06/10

    (Virtual Talk)2021-06-10 (週四) Prof. David T.W. Lin: Potential prediction on the geothermal energy - porous TH & THM model

  • 2021/05/20

    (Virtual Talk)2021-05-20 (週四) Prof. Hitoshi Kawakatsu:Elucidating the plate evolution via broadband ocean bottom seismology: Pacific Array

  • 2021/03/04

    2021-03-04 (週四) Dr. Ya-Lun S. Tsai : Monitoring Snow Cover and Snowmelt Dynamics and Assessing their Influences on Inland Water Resources

  • 2021/02/02

    2021-02-02 (週二) Workshop* on Ocean Consortium: Adding Dimensions to Earth and Ocean Research

  • 2021/01/28

    2021-01-28 (週四) Dr. Chin-Shang Ku: Current status and future of real-time seismic acquisition and processing systems in IES (in Chinese)

  • 2021/01/21

    2021-01-21 (週四) Dr. Hsin Tung:Space-based geodetic observation and analysis in understanding surface deformation (in Chinese)

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  • 2021/05/07

    2021-05-07 本所特聘研究員馬國鳳榮獲2021 AOGS Axford Medal Award

  • 2021/05/05

    2021-05-05 張雅琪小姐獲選本院110年度工作績優人員

  • 2021/04/22

    2021-04-22 本所研究員許雅儒博士榮獲科技部109年度傑出研究獎

  • 2021/04/14

    2021-04-14 本所許雅儒研究員研究成果榮登《Science Advances (科學前緣)》期刊

  • 2021/03/11

    2021-03-11 本所黃韶怡博士後研究榮獲科技部109年度博士後研究人員學術研究獎

研究 更多

  • Xue, Z. K., X. L. Yan, L. H. Yang, J. Chen, J. C. Wang, Z. Liu, K. H. Lee and L. C. Lee

    Observations of Magnetic Reconnection with Large Separatrix Angles and Separatrix Jets above the Solar Surface

  • Legendre, C. P., L. Zhao and T. L. Tseng

    Large-scale variation in seismic anisotropy in the crust and upper mantle beneath Anatolia, Turkey

  • Lai, Y. M., S. L. Chung, A. A. Ghani, S. Murtadha, H. Y. Lee and M. F. Chu

    Mid-Miocene volcanic migration in the westernmost Sunda arc induced by India-Eurasia collision