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  • 2021/03/04

    2021-03-04 (週四) Dr. Ya-Lun S. Tsai : Monitoring Snow Cover and Snowmelt Dynamics and Assessing their Influences on Inland Water Resources

  • 2021/02/02

    2021-02-02 (週二) Workshop* on Ocean Consortium: Adding Dimensions to Earth and Ocean Research

  • 2021/01/28

    2021-01-28 (週四) Dr. Chin-Shang Ku: Current status and future of real-time seismic acquisition and processing systems in IES (in Chinese)

  • 2021/01/21

    2021-01-21 (週四) Dr. Hsin Tung:Space-based geodetic observation and analysis in understanding surface deformation (in Chinese)

  • 2021/01/19

    2021-01-19 (週二) Dr. Hsin-Hua Huang:4D Scan the Earth: from Orogeny to Crustal Dynamics

  • 2021/01/14

    2021-01-14 (週四) Mr. Kuan-Yu (Karl) Lin:Deciphering the record of subduction initiation magmatism and melt-mantle interaction in the oceanic mantle

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  • 2020/11/18

    2020-11-18 本所兼任研究員余水倍教授獲頒109年度「丁文江學術成就獎」

  • 2020/11/13

    2020-11-13 本所許雅儒研究員榮獲中研院110年度關鍵突破計畫

  • 2020/07/24

    2020-07-24 張星衛 簡任編審 獲選為本院109年工作績優人員

  • 2020/07/07

    2020-07-07 本所高壓礦物物理實驗室研究成果榮登《自然通訊》

研究 更多

  • Yang, B. M., H. Mittal and Y. M. Wu

    Real-Time Production of PGA, PGV, Intensity, and Sa Shakemaps Using Dense MEMS-Based Sensors in Taiwan

  • Pan, Y. Y., M. Nara, L. Lowemark, O. Miguez-Salas, B. Gunnarson, Y. Iizuka, T. T. Chen and S. E. Dashtgard

    The 20-million-year old lair of an ambush-predatory worm preserved in northeast Taiwan

  • Chen, C. Y., J. C. Hu, C. C. Liu and C. Y. Chiu

    Abnormal Strain Induced by Heavy Rainfall on Borehole Strainmeters Observed in Taiwan