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Geochem Seminar
Seismo Seminar
  • 2021/05/20

    2021-05-20 (Thu) Dr. Hitoshi Kawakatsu:Elucidating the plate evolution via broadband ocean bottom seismology: Pacific Array

  • 2021/03/04

    2021-03-04 (Thu) Dr. Ya-Lun S. Tsai:Monitoring Snow Cover and Snowmelt Dynamics and Assessing their Influences on Inland Water Resources

  • 2021/02/02

    2021-02-02 (Tue) Workshop* on Ocean Consortium: Adding Dimensions to Earth and Ocean Research

  • 2021/01/28

    2021-01-28 (Thu) Dr. Chin-Shang Ku: Current status and future of real-time seismic acquisition and processing systems in IES (in Chinese)

  • 2021/01/21

    2021-01-21 (Thu) Dr. Hsin Tung:Space-based geodetic observation and analysis in understanding surface deformation (in Chinese)

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  • 2021/05/04

    2021-05-04(Tue)Assistant position in geodesy/seismology at Institute of Earth Sciences (IES), Academia Sinica, Taipei (Taiwan)

  • 2021/04/07

    2021-04-07 SILab - Position Opening:Full-time Research Assistant

  • 2021/03/25

    2021-03-25 地震學研究室-郭本垣研究員誠徵研究助理

  • 2020/11/20

    2020-11-20 Extreme Conditions Laboratory

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Earth Corner
  • Lai, L. S. H., Dorsey, R. J., Horng, C. S., Chi, W. R., Shea, K. S., & Yen, J. Y.

    Polygenetic mélange in the retrowedge foredeep of an active arc-continent collision, Coastal Range of eastern Taiwan

  • Brian A. Young, Kou‐Cheng Chen, Bor‐Shouh Huang, Jer‐Ming Chiu

    Identification and Elimination of Data Peculiarities in the Strong‐Motion Downhole Array in Taipei Basin

  • Kenny Vilella, Frédéric Deschamps

    Thermal convection as a possible mechanism for the origin of polygonal structures on Pluto's surface