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Geochem Seminar
Seismo Seminar
  • 2020/11/26

    2020-11-26 (Thu) Dr. Yu-Min Chou:A Challenge of Paleomagnetism Research - Speleothem Magnetism

  • 2020/11/24

    2020-11-24 (Tue) Dr. Anselme F.E. Borgeaud:Probing the Earth’s structure using seismic waveforms

  • 2020/11/19

    2020-11-19 (Thu) Dr. Kwan-Nang Pang:Magma genesis in orogenic belts: Importance, new findings and future approach

  • 2020/10/29

    2020-10-29 (Thu) Dr. Gong-Ruei Ho: A high strain shear zone in the metamorphic core of Central Range, Taiwan: A possible Plio- Pleistocene transform fault

  • 2020/10/28

    2020-10-28 (Wed) Dr. Honn Kao:Seismotectonic Configuration of the Northern Cascadia Subduction Zone: Seafloor Earthquake Array Japan-Canada Experiment (SeaJade)

  • 2020/09/10

    2020-09-10 (Thu) Dr. Jung-Fu Lin:Energy Sources Powering the Geodynamo

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  • 2020/12/03

    2020-12-3 Enjoy IES coffee time (Dec. 03) at RCEC building, TEC lobby!

  • 2020/08/05

    2020-11-17~18 2020 Annual Congress of Chinese Taipei Geophysical Society and Geological Society

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Earth Corner
  • 負地理學計劃|系列講座預告 計畫講題:地震、岩漿庫與火山生命:一個火山學的視角(林正洪研究員)(8m22s)

  • 【地球證詞導讀】20200501 - 宇宙中的火焰巨人(48m)

  • 地質之旅-發現臺灣(東部-利吉惡地)(04m50s)