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Geochem Seminar
Seismo Seminar
  • 2021/11/11

    2021-11-11 (Thu) Dr. Chi-Hsien Tang:Probing lithospheric rheology, seafloor deformation, and internal tides from geodetic data

  • 2021/11/18

    2021-11-18 (Thu) Dr. Hau-Kun Jhuang:Deep learning of ionosphere anomaly for prediction of magnitude M≥6.0 earthquakes in Taiwan

  • 2021/11/25

    2021-11-25 (Thu) Dr. Kuo-Fang Huang:Deep Ocean Circulation, Carbon Cycle and Climate Change

  • 2021/12/09

    (Virtual Talk)2021-12-09 (Thu) Dr. Cheng-Hsiu Tsai:TBA

  • 2022/01/20

    2022-01-20 (Thu) Dr. Wu-Cheng Chi:Hydroseismic Waveform Analysis

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  • 2021/08/06

    2019-08-06 Dr. Hsin-Hua Huang receives 2021 Wu Ta-You Memorial Award, Ministry of Science and Technology

  • 2021/05/07

    2021-05-07 IES Distinguished Research Fellow Kuo-Fong Ma receives 2021 AOGS Axford Medal Award

  • 2021/05/05

    2021-05-05 張雅琪小姐獲選本院110年度工作績優人員

  • 2021/04/22

    2021-04-22 IES Research Fellow Dr. Ya-Ju Hsu receives 2020 Outstanding Research Award from Ministry of Science and Technology, ROC

  • 2021/04/14

    2021-04-14 Research Article of IES Research Fellow Dr. Ya-Ju Hsu Published in Science Advances

  • 2021/03/11

    2021-03-11 IES Postdoctoral Fellow Shao-Yi Huang Receives 2020 Postdoctoral Research Paper Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C.

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Earth Corner
  • 《#潛入隱沒帶》將於10月24日晚間7點再度在公視3台(PTS 3)上映

  • 【范琪斐 X 林慶仁】| 潛入隱沒帶 X《海洋大地震了嗎》|〈公視主題之夜SHOW〉

  • Earth Corner Introduction to Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica