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Geochem Seminar
Seismo Seminar
  • 2023/02/22

    2023-02-22 (Wed) Mr. Jyun-Nai Wu:Exploring Volcanic and Tectonic Processes at the 9°N East Pacific Rise

  • 2023/02/16

    2023-02-16 (Thu) Geoclub Special Session |Chao,Tzu-Lin / Producer at Taiwan Bar (in Chinese)

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  • 2022/12/27

    2022-12-27 Dr. Cheng-Horng Lin receives 2022 The Executive Yuan Award for Outstanding Science and Technology Contribution

  • 2022/12/14

    2022-12-13 Dr. Bor-Shouh Huang receives 2022 NSTC Research Fellows Award

  • 2022/10/13

    2021-10-13 Dr. Sun-Lin Chung receives 2023 Investigator Award, Academia Sinica

  • 2022/08/18

    2022-08-18 Dr. Kwan-Nang Pang receives 2022 Wu Ta-You Memorial Award, National Science and Technology Council

  • 2022/07/11

    2022-07-11 由本所李德春副研究員帶領之NanoSIMS核心設施實驗團隊與本院生多中心、應科中心及澳洲James Cook大學合作, 首度揭開珊瑚共生菌聚合體神秘的「面紗」, 研究成果發表於國際期刊《Science Advances》。

  • 2022/02/26

    2022-02-26 Dr. Wen-Pin Hsieh receives 2021 Outstanding Research Award from Ministry of Science and Technology, ROC

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Earth Corner
  • 2022中研院地球所院區開放影片欣賞-地震觀測新進展|林欽仁研究副技師

    Seismometer are foundation for seismologist to observe seismic wave. This talk will introduce the evolution of seismometer from analog to digital era, high quality to dense array observation, and newly developed fiber seismometer. The history of infrasound observation in Institute of Earth Sciences will be presented as well. The new observations will be beneficial to scientist to better understand how natural signals originate and propagate.

  • 2022中研院地球所院區開放影片欣賞-穿雲透雨雷達現:透視地表祕密的合成孔徑雷達|林玉儂助研究員

    Have you ever imagined how scientists obtain ground information, when the Earth is covered by darkness and storms? You must have heard of radar, but what about with synthetic aperture at the front? Let me reveal the secrets for you, on the day of the Academia Sinica Open House!

  • 台東池上斷層研究,走進地牛博物館。|獨立特派員 第738集 (池上斷層故事)(16m57s)