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Geochem Seminar
Seismo Seminar
  • 2020/09/10

    2020-09-10 (Thu) Dr. Jung-Fu Lin:Energy Sources Powering the Geodynamo

  • 2020/08/27

    2019-08-27 (Thu) 2020 Summer Internship Research program - Poster Presentation

  • 2020/07/30

    2020-07-30 (Thu):2020 Summer Internship Research program Mid-session report

  • 2020/03/24

    2020-03-24 (Tue) (Webcam) Dr. Hao-Yang Lee:Development of Techniques for Hard Rock Study: Using (LA-)ICP-MS and Related Facilities in IES, Academia Sinica

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  • 2020/09/10

    2020-09-10 傅慶州助研究員 誠徵研究助理一名

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Earth Corner
  • Wang, J.H.

    Effect of time-strengthening static friction on earthquake recurrence

  • Walia, V.*, Kumar, A., Fu, C.C., Hong, W.L., and Yang, T.F.

    Study of Fault Traces in Taiwan Using Soil-Gas Geochemistry: An Overview

  • Fu, C.C.*, Lee, L.C., Ouzounov, D., and Jan, J.C.

    Earth’s outgoing longwave radiation variability prior to M ≥ 6.0 earthquakes in the Taiwan area during 2009-2019