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TIGP Program

Earth System Science welcomes young inquisitive minds to join us through our Ph.D. program in exploring and understanding the endlessly complex and interesting phenomena that govern Earth’s systems. Earth System Science focuses on our understanding of the interdependence and interconnectedness of Earth's fundamental systems from the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and Biosphere through to chemical, physical, and Biological Systems. These systems are all viewed in the context of dynamic processes that extend over spatial scales ranging from sub-micron to planetary, and time scales of less than a second to billions of years. The phenomena involved are frequently not only intellectually challenging but also socio-economically relevant and significant. At Academia Sinica, faculty research interests are far-ranging, including the evolution of Earth's atmosphere, anthropological effects on Earth's climate both regionally and globally, changes to the Biogeochemistry of the ocean in response to increased atmospheric CO2, the effects of atmospheric processes on ocean Biogeochemistry, changes in fluvial input to oceans due to climate change, the physical and chemical processes that govern the dynamic evolution of the solid Earth, processes occurring within the lithosphere, especially those operating around subduction zones, within orogenic belts, and in the lower part of the continental crust, the mechanism and wave propagation of earthquakes, transport and fate of atmospheric pollutants, and the health risks of environmental contaminants. 

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