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Lee, Lou-Chuang 李羅權 Lee, Lou-Chuang
Nobel-caliber Distinguished Visiting Chair (Academician) Research Fields:Space Physics
 Ohtani, Eiji   大谷榮治 Ohtani, Eiji
Distinguished Visiting Chair Research Fields: High pressure mineral physics, Geochemistry
Zhao, Li  趙里 Zhao, Li
Visiting Professor Research Fields:Seismology
Kao, Honn 高弘 Kao, Honn
Visiting Professor Research Fields:Seismology
Victor Tsai   Victor Tsai
Visiting Professor Research Fields:Geophysics
 Lin, Fan-Chi 林凡奇 Lin, Fan-Chi
MOST Visiting Associate Professor Research Fields:Ambient noise seismology; interferometry; seismic surface waves; seismic tomography
 Liu, Chun-Chi  劉忠智 Liu, Chun-Chi
Visiting Specialist Research Fields:Seismic Instrumentation, Seismic Telemetry System
Chu, Fei Hon  祝飛鴻 Chu, Fei Hon
Visiting Specialist Research Fields:Aerospace Engineering
Sarkar, Anindya 蕯卡安 Sarkar, Anindya
MOST Visiting Professor Research Fields:Geology and Geophysics