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2015 Seismology group seminars

Date Speaker Title
2015/12/7 (Mon) 03:00 p.m

陳國誠 副研究員


Changes in Natural Frequency of Structure (In Chinese)
2015/11/23 (Mon) 03:00 p.m 吳文男 博士 (Postdoc, IESAS) Deciphering the subducted slab structure beneath the Taiwan region: Preliminary results from waveform modeling (In Chinese)
2015/10/19(Mon) 03:00 p.m

Dr. Chastity A. Aiken

(Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Tokyo, Earthquake Research Institute)

Probing the Physical Conditions and Mechanics of Faulting via Dynamic Triggering
2015/09/18 (FRI) 03:00 p.m Dr. Ryoya Ikuta Lecturer in Department of Science, Shizuoka University, Japan Monitoring of seismic velocity using ACROSS beneath Tokai subduction zone in Japan
2015/08/03(Mon) 03:00 p.m

Dr.邱哲明Jer-Ming Chiu

(Univ. Memphis, USA)

(1) Seismic response of Taipei basin from strong-motion borehole arrays

(2) Next generation Solar power plant.

2015/05/26(Tue) 03:00 p.m



Foreshocks, aftershocks, induced and triggered earthquakes: what can we learn from waveform detections
2015/05/18(Mon) 02:00 p.m Dr. 羅俊雄 (台灣大學土木系) Ground Motion Features of Far-Distant Seismic Waves: Index for Early Warning of Long-Period Sensitive Instrument
2015/05/11(Mon) 03:00 p.m

Prof. Hiroo Kanamori

(California Institute of Technology)

Multiple ScS Phases and Vertically Averaged Mantle Properties


10:00 a.m

Prof. Bertrand Delouis (University of Nice- Sophia-Antipolis)

Reassessment of the source of the 2010 Jia-Shian (Mw 6.2) earthquake and Evolution of the FMNEAR waveform inversion during 2014-2015