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Lin, Chin-Jen

林欽仁 Lin, Chin-Jen

Associate Research Scientist
Research Fields:Seismic instrument, Rotational seismology, Infrasound observation

Research interest

I am interested in everything regarding to seismic instrument, including installation of seismometer, construction of seismic station, calibration/testing of sensor and digitizer. I study two new observations: ground rotation and infrasound, from sensor testing to explore their applications. Based on the background of mechanical engineering, I like to design mechanism for the installation of shallow hole seismometer and wind filter for the wind attenuation of infrasound measurement. In addition, I study various transmission technique such as mobile communication and VSAT for seismic data real-time transmission. In the end, I lead a team to maintain the operation of BATS (Broadband Array in Taiwan for Seismology) and manage the TEC instrument pool to support scientific community in Taiwan.
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