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Fu, Ching-Chou

傅慶州 Fu, Ching-Chou

Assistant Research Fellow
Research Fields:Gas Geochemistry

Research interest

Researches in my laboratory focus on gas geochemistry, also known as fluid geochemistry. I dedicate to exploring the origins and properties of gas/fluid components in different geological environments and events, and further integrating other existing geoscience data to propose a reasonable evolution model and geological significance. I will not only devote to the research of gas geochemistry, but also develop and integrate multi-observations, attempt to establish the theoretical model, for earthquake precursor through interdisciplinary research for comprehensive understanding of earthquake processes.
Researches can be divided into four sections, which are I) the characteristics and origins of gas/fluid geochemistry around the active structural zones, II) the formations and mechanisms of gas/fluid geochemical anomalies before and after an earthquake, III) the research of deep-Earth degassing for exploring the evolution processes from mantle, crust, and atmosphere, and IV) the multidisciplinary observations for earthquake precursor, geological, and tectonic environments.
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