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Chang, Yun-Yuan

張耘瑗 Chang, Yun-Yuan

Assistant Research Fellow
Research Fields:Mineral Physics

Research interest

My research focuses on properties of materials under extreme conditions. During the final year of my Ph.D., I studied hydration effects on compressibility of iron-bearing wadsleyite and ringwoodite using synchronous X-ray diffraction. At IES, I have been working with Dr. W.-P. Hsieh on thermal conductivity of earth materials under pressures relevant to the Earth’s interior. We investigated hydration effects on thermal conductivity of olivine, the major phase in upper mantle. Results suggested that incorporation of hydroxyls into San Carlos olivine significantly lowers its lattice thermal conductivity at high pressures. I also studied thermal conductivity and sound velocity of silicate glasses with basaltic and rhyolitic compositions, and the spin state of iron in basaltic glasses with X-ray emission spectroscopy in Spring-8, Japan.
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