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趙里 Zhao, Li

任職期間:2006-8-29 ~ 2017-12-31


As a seismologist, my research focuses on making full use of seismic observations to image the Earth structures and earthquake sources either by using existing methods or by developing new techniques, employing the results in improving our understanding of tectonics and geodynamics as well as in the mitigation of earthquake hazards. In the past few years, I have worked with my students and postdocs on the following research topics:

(1) Full-wave seismic anisotropy tomography of Southern California
(2) Rayleigh-wave phase velocity tomography for various regions
(3) Improving the 1D model at the top of the outer core by SmKS differential traveltime inversion
(4) Inversion of earthquake source slip distribution in 3D structure using regional records
(5) Development of near real-time system for earthquake source slip distribution inversion
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