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Pang, Kwan-Nang

彭君能 Pang, Kwan-Nang

Associate Research Fellow
Research Fields:Igneous petrology, Geochemistry

Research interest

I use geochronology, elemental and isotopic geochemistry, petrology and petrologic modeling to investigate geologic problems. My main research interests include how are magmatic and tectonic processes related in orogenic belts, mechanisms driving intraplate magmatism, factors contributing to the compositional diversity of magmas, and magma chamber processes responsible for magma differentiation. An improved understanding of these aspects provides insights on how compositions of continental crust and mantle evolve in time and space, how the continental crust grows to its present size, and how the Earth behaves as a unique "Earth system".

The tools I use for research include petrographic microscope and instruments for mineral chemical and geochemical analysis, including scanning electron microscope, electron microprobe, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and inductively coupled plasma – mass spectrometer. Recently, I have been involved in establishing basic experimental petrology facilities including high-temperature furnace and piston cylinder apparatus. That allows studies of melting and crystallization, diffusion and crystal growth under controlled experimental conditions, and is therefore useful for interpreting geochemical data obtained from natural samples. For data analysis, I make use of a variety of geochemical variables, aided by petrologic softwares such as pMELTS and Magma Chamber Stimulator.

I currently explore the following topics either on my own or as collaboration:
•Magmatism in orogenic environments
•Continental intraplate magmatism
•Layered intrusions and magmatic ore deposits
•Petrogenesis of Fe-Ti-P-rich rocks
•Applications of non-traditional isotopic systematics to igneous rocks and minerals
•First-row transition elements systematics in igneous rocks

Field work is important in geology research of all kinds. The field areas that I have been working in pursuing the above topics include the Caucasus, Iran, Thailand, China, Java and the Solomon islands. I also achieve geochemical data of rocks from global database like GEOROC as a means to compare with samples collected in the field, or to form stand-alone projects. This big data approach gains increasing application in geochemistry.