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梁茂昌 Liang, Mao-Chang



Liang’s current main research interests are to utilize rare isotopes for bio-geo-chemical applications, ranging from atmospheric chemistry to geochemistry and from modern to past Earth. Liang’s central project is to deepen our knowledge of the global carbon cycles, explored from a new perspective, the triple oxygen isotope constraint in atmospheric CO2. In recent years, Liang started exploring atmospheric chemistry relevant to air pollution, tackling fundamental oxidation chemistry. Utilizing unique isotope composition in ozone, an essential oxidation reagent for oxygenation chemistry, oxidation related to ozone can be thoroughly explored. In the past two years, to have deeper societal impact, Liang initiated collaborations with environmental epidemiologists to explore the interlink of air pollution and human health from a different angle. In addition, since 2020, the utilization of triple oxygen isotope constraints on geological samples, in particular some precious and unique samples from Taiwan, has been an active and fast developing field of Liang’s group.
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