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Wang, Kuo-Lung

王國龍 Wang, Kuo-Lung

Associate Research Fellow
Research Fields:Isotope Geochemistry, Igneous Petrogenesis and Petrology

Research interest

With the experience using the novel in situ technique to analyze mantle sulfides for their platinum group elements (PGEs) compositions and Os isotope ratios, I further extend the application to mantle peridotites collected from central Mongolia, peri-Lake Baikal in Russian Siberia, Russian Far East (Central Asia Orogenic Belt; CAOB), southern Ethiopia (Arabian-Nubian Shield) and southern Kyrgyz Tienshan. Such results provide new insights to characterize ancient continental lithospheric mantle (CLM) and their geochemical evolution and to understand behavior of the HSE and Os isotopes in sulfides and platinum group minerals (PGMs) in CLM.
The convective upper mantle is one of the major geochemical reservoirs in the Earth, which is supposed to be homogeneous due to its convective character. Recently more studies, however, demonstrated that substantial heterogeneity in terms of certain isotopic composition (e.g., Pb and Os isotopes) does exist in the convective upper mantle. Ophiolites represent fragments of upper mantle and oceanic crust that are direct witnesses of upper mantle compositions. To study ophiolitic peridotites formed at different geological time and ultramafic peridotites from Archean greenstone belts will add significant new information on formation, evolution and modification of the mantle, especially from the views on ancient upper mantle. To tackle difficulty to find scarce sulfides and PGMs in refractory peridotites in ophiolites and Archean greenstone belt, chemical separation and analytical methodology of whole-rock Os isotope and PGE concentration analyses had been set up at IES. It has been applied to ophiolitic peridotites from Guleman and Kizidag in SE Turkey and Dunzhugu ophiolites in Russian Siberia, as well as Archean Olondo greenstone belt.
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