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戴夏飛 Deschamps, Frédéric

研究領域:地球物理學, 地球動力學及地球與行星內部研究


My research activities address the structure, dynamics, and composition of planetary interiors, and more specifically of the mantles of rocky planets, including our Earth, and of the ice layers of icy moons and dwarf planets, such as Europa, Titan, and Pluto. These activities imply a multidisciplinary approach that combines numerical simulation of convection, which is thought to be the main mode of heat and mass transfer within planetary bodies, mineral physics data, which gives information on the physical properties of planetary mantles’ materials, and of course geophysical observations when they are available. Because convection in planetary mantles may be affected by many different parameters, a central task of my research is to better understand the individual roles played by each of these parameters, by performing numerical simulations with different levels of complexities. Important parameters include the mode of heating (i.e., the source of energy driving convection), the rheology (the way rock or ice are deforming), and the presence of different chemical components with different densities. In the case of the Earth, different chemical components are likely present in the deep mantle, and may play a key role in explaining today’s structure and dynamics. The thermo-chemical structures predicted by simulations can be tested against existing observations, mainly from seismology, to identify the best possible model. Other observables that may provide hints on the structure of the deep mantle include the topography of the boundary separating the mantle and the core, and seismic attenuation. In the case of icy moons, models of convection may be used to reconstruct the thermal histories and radial structures of these bodies, which can be, again, tested against available data.
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