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Kuo, Ban-Yuan

郭本垣 Kuo, Ban-Yuan

Research Fellow
Research Fields:Seismology, Geodynamics

Research interest

My research interests involve three areas. I am interested in mantle dynamics in general, and subduction zone dynamics in particular. One of our recent studies shows the dominance of the vertical entrainment in the strain field surrounding the Hindu-Kush continental subduction and the requirement of a strong radial anisotropy in the mantle. My second theme is the orogenic and subduction processes in the broad collision-subduction zone of Taiwan. This line of research was all but initiated from our 2015 ambient noise tomography paper that shows layered deformation in the crust that could reconcile the long debate between thin- and thick-skinned tectonics for the Taiwan orogen. Subsequent studies continue to provide evidence for the thin-skin nature of the orogeny and a deep subduction origin for some of the island-wide observations previously thought to favor lithospheric-scale collision. The third, and the career-defining effort is focused on the ocean-bottom seismometer (OBS) project. This is a joint force with the underwater technology community in Taiwan, especially with the NSYSU and TORI-NARLabs, aiming at establishing a domestic mini-industry to support scientific expedition in a more sustainable way. We recently finished the deployment/recovery (2018-2019) of a broadband OBS array in northern Okinawa trough in collaboration with the JAMSTEC. The future plan includes an OBS/OBEM experiment in the middle of the western Pacific.