Strong Motion Downhole Array in Taipei Basin

Since 1992


The layout of strong motion downhole array in Taipei basin




Station Location:

1. Sewage Disposal Plant, Wuku (WK, closed)

2. Water Conservancy Bureau, Panchiao (BS, closed)

3. Vocational Advisory Committee for Retired Servicemen,Panchiao (TF)

4. Water Pump Station, Luchou (LC, closed)

5. Sanchong Chongshin Bridge (HS, closed)

6. Songshan Tabacco Plant (SS)

7. Minquan Park (MP)

8. National Taipei Unvi. of Science and Technology (TU)

9. Renai Park, Yeongho (YH)

10. Shilin (BL)

11. Institute of Earth Sciences (ES)

12. 228 Park, Shanchong City  (SC, New!)

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