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I am very interested in applying multiple approaches to better understand the development of geologic structures and surface processes that shape the evolving landscapes on Earth. The development of geologic structures covers a wide range of topics, including structure geometry, kinematics and dynamics. By better characterizing either old or active geologic structures, it helps us understand tectonic structures and comprehend tectonic movements in certain ways. In addition to using well-established methods in structural geology, I utilize photogrammetry/LiDAR remote sensing techniques and develop new methods or procedures to advance our knowledge in the area of deformation and development of geologic structures. On the other hand, the surface processes also cover a wide range of topics, such as erosion, transportation and deposition processes. I am interested in using high-resolution digital topography, various kinds of imagery and modeling techniques to study surface processes, particularly in characterizing, monitoring and modeling deep-seated landslides. I am also interested in the interaction between tectonics and surface processes, which has become a hot topic for Taiwan and US scientists under the research theme of FACET (Feedbacks and Coupling among Climate, Erosion, and Tectonics).
1.科技部計畫: 雪山山脈與脊樑山脈之地質界線特徵研究(II)(105-2116-M-001-019-),主持人,2016/8~2017/7
2.科技部計畫: 雪山山脈與脊樑山脈之地質界線特徵研究(I)(104-2116-M-001-022-),主持人,2015/8~ 2016/12
3.科技部計畫: 臺灣中央山脈的構造地形與發震構造研究(III)(103-2116-M-001-002-),主持人,2014/8~2015/12