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劉永欣 博士後研究

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【學 歷】

·    1995/09 –1999/07中國文化大學地質系學士

·    2000/09–2009/07國立成功大學地球科學所博士



·    2013/8 - 現今:中央研究院地球科學所 博士後研究

·    2012/07 –2013/07Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution博士後研究員

·    2012/02 –2012/05Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution訪問研究員

·    2009/08 – 2012/06國立成功大學博士後研究員



A. 期刊論文

1.     Liu, Y.-H., Yang, H.-J., Takazawa, E., You, C.-F., 2013. Decoupling of the Lu–Hf, Sm–Nd, and Rb–Sr isotope systems in eclogites and a garnetite from the Sulu ultra-high pressure metamorphic terrane: Causes and implications. (In preparation)

2.    Chen, C.-H., Liu, Y.-H., Lee, C.-Y., Xiang, H., Zhou, H.W., 2012. Geochronology of granulite, charnockite and gneiss in the poly-metamorphosed Gaozhou Complex (Yunkai massif), South China: Emphasis on the in-situ EMP monazite dating. Lithos. 144–145, 109–129.

3.    Liu, Y.-H., Yang, H.-J., Zhang, J. X., Shau, Y.-H., Chu, M.-F., Iizuka, Y., Yu, S.-C., 2010. Kyanite formation and element fractionation in the high-Al eclogites from the Sulu UHP metamorphic terrane. Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. 21, 277–298.

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6.    Liu, Y.-H., Chen, W.-M., Yang, H.-J., Iizuka, Y., Yu, S.-C., 2009. The chemical zoning and metamorphic conditions for garnet porphyroblasts in Qinglongshan eclogites. Journal of the National Taiwan Museum. 62, 77–102. (Chinese with English Abstract)

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B. 研討會論文

1.    Liu, Y.-H., Iizuka, Y., Huang, K.-F., 2012. Textural and chemical variation in phenocrysts from the early eruptions of Lutao volcanic island, the northern Luzon arc. 2012 AGU Fall Meeting, V11C-2775.

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3.    Chen, C.-H., Liu, Y.-H., Xiang, H., Wu, J.-H., Lee, C.-Y., Yang, H.-J., 2011. In-situ EMP Monazite dating of the granulite-charnockite association in the Gaozhou Complex (Yunkai Massif), South China. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society.

4.    Liu, Y.-H., Yang, H.-J., Huang, K.-F., You, C.-F., 2010. Decoupled Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf isotope systems in Maobei eclogites from the Sulu ultra-high pressure metamorphic terrane: Implications on element fractionation and protolith characteristics. 2010 Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting.

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