Strong Motion Networks in Taiwan

The Seismology Group of Institute Earth Sciences (IES) conducts basic research in order to improve the understanding of earthquake. It begun to set up the Taiwan Telemetered Seismographic Network (TTSN) and an islandwide strong-motion acceleorgraphic (SMA) network in 1972. Later, in 1980, a large digital array of strong-motion accelerographs was also installed at Ilan. This array was called the Strong Motion Array in Taiwan, phase I (SMART1). Afterward, four strong-motion networks were deployed during the period from 1985 to 1993. They are Lotung Large Scale Seismic Test (LLSST), Strong Motion Array in Taiwan, phase II (SMART2), Hualien Large Scale Seismic Test (HLSST), and Central Mountain Array (CMA). The recorded high quality data have attracted worldwide attention and have been used for a wide range of research objectives.

Because the demand for seismic data has grown rapidly, the Seismology Group is going to construct two new digital strong-motion arrays in 2003. One is instrumented with downhole accelerographs, in the metropolitan area of Taipei city. The other is instrumented with free-field accelerographs, covering the vicinity of Taipei basin. Except the routine observations, temporary seismic networks were also set up to monitor the induced seismicity for significant earthquakes (e.g., the 1999 Chi-Chi event) as well as to perform micro earthquake investigation in some specific areas.

Over the past three decades, significant progress has been made in seismic observation and monitoring. At the same time, the Seismology Group faces the need to manage the large amount of data. As a result, the demand for a professional data management has grown. This includes data processing, data compilation, database set up. Fortunately, in 2001, IES embraced the idea of Data Management Center (DMC) to handle the observed data. It then established DMC in May 2001. Under the DMC, one of most important parts is to show up their strong-motion data. 

After a 6-month of intensive effort, a preliminary version website of “Strong Motion Networks in Taiwan” was set up at the end of 2001. It is not complete and many things remain to be made. In the initial phase, the purpose of this web site is not for on-line data access. It gives the operational history of each network, station information, characteristics of seismograph, earthquake information and data request service. The website provides service not only for IES but also for many research institutes.