The Strong Motion Data Release Policy of IES

The IES operates some strong-motion networks in Taiwan. Data from these networks are  processing and analysis for further scientific analysis. We provide the corrected strong motion data in ASCII for off-line access. You may use "Data Request Form" to determine what digital waveforms are available from the IES, and to generate and submit a request for data. A list of networks is brief description as follows:

(1) SMA1 (1973~ 1992)

(2) Strong Motion Array in Taiwan, Phase 1 (SMART1, 1980~1991)

(3) Strong Motion Array in Taiwan, Phase 2 (SMART2, 1990~       )

(4) Central Mountain Strong Motion Array (1993 ~     )

(5) Strong Motion Downhole Array in Taipei Basin (1993 ~    )

(6) Temporary Networks

(7) Joint projects

     [note]: as to the H LSST  data, please contact with Taipower

(8) Seismicity (Taiwan Telemetered Seismographic Network, 1973~1992)


      You can request the data in either event number or in year/month/date format for some specific networks.

What you can request?

At this time, you may not request any recent strong-motion data that had not gone through the quality  control procedures. We hope to remove this restriction in the future.


When you use data from the IES, please provide a proper acknowledgement of the data source.  And we'll greatly appreciate receiving one copy of your thesis, preprint, or reprint. 

    Please mail to
              Dr. Win-Gee Huang
              P.O. Box 1-55, Nankang,
              Taipei 11529, Taiwan, R.O.C.

By the way, please do not release the data.

Questions, Comments, and Feedback

We encourage you to contact us with questions, comments and feedback concerning the Data Management Center for Strong Motion Seismology. You can contact us via email at