Shraddha Band

Institute of Earth Sciences,

Academia Sinica, 128, Sec. 2,

Academia Road, Nangang, Taipei


Telephone Number: +886 2653-9885-114



Education Qualifications


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

 Provisional Ph.D degree awarded on 13th April 2018

Thesis Topic : Multiproxy palaeoclimate studies in the Indian Region for the past 200ka; A  synthesis

Supervisor :Prof.Rengaswamy Ramesh

Geosciences Division, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad.

Registered for Ph.D at M.S.University of Baroda

Master of Science

University   :  The  MaharajaSayajirao University of Baroda

Subject         :  Geology

Year               :  2011

Percentage  : 70

Bachelor of Science

University   : Mumbai University

Subject         : Geology

Year               : 2009

Percentage  : 80

Research Experience

Working as a Research assistant at academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan (From April 2017)

Worked as Senior Research Fellow at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad ( from August 2011 to July 2016)


Research Interests


Paleomonsoon reconstruction, Impact of monsoon on ancient Indian civilization.


Awards and scholarships


Secured 23rd rank in CSIR National Eligibility Test (NET) held on June, 2011.


Qualified Physical Research Laboratory research Fellowship for PhD.


Won best oral presentation award in ISMAS-2014 (Indian society for mass spectrometry).





Band, S., Yadava, M.G., Lone, M.A., Shen, C.C., Sree, K. and Ramesh, R., 2018. High-resolution mid-Holocene Indian Summer Monsoon recorded in a stalagmite from the Kotumsar Cave, Central India. Quaternary International.

Band, S.T., Yadava., M.G, and Ramesh. R., 2018. Monsoon climate and Marine Isotopic Stages over the Indian subcontinent during the last 200,000 years. (Book: Beyond stones and more stones, DefiningIndian prehistoric Archeology, Volume 1,  The mythic society,Primus Publishers,New Delhi )

Kumar, P.K., Band, S.T., Ramesh, R. and Awasthi, N., 2018. Monsoon variability and upper ocean stratification during the last 66 ka over the Andaman Sea: Inferences from the δ 18 O records of planktonic foraminifera. Quaternary International.

Band, S.T., Yadava., M.G, and Ramesh. R. 2017, Stalagmites reveal past drought records. Geography and You, 16,96, 36-39

Ramesh. R, Boragaonkar. H, Band, S.T., Yadava.M.G., 2017, Proxy Climatic Records of Past Monsoons.             In book: Observed Climate Variability and Change over the Indian Region. DOI



Awasthi, N., Ray, J.S., Singh, A.K., Band, S.T., Rai, V.K., 2014. Provenance of the Late Quaternary sediments in the Andaman Sea: Implications for monsoon variability and ocean circulation. Geochemistry, Geophys. Geosystems 15, 3890–3906. doi:10.1002/2014GC005462

Sridhar, A., Bhushan, R., Balaji, D., Band, S., Chamyal, L.S., 2016. Geochemical and Sr–Nd isotopic variations in palaeoflood deposits at mainstem–tributary junction, western India: Implications on late Holocene flood events. CATENA 139, 32–43. doi:10.1016/j.catena.2015.12.004

Shraddha Band, M.G.Yadava, Mahjoor lone, Chuan-Chou Shen,Sachin Gupta,  and R.Ramesh, Holocene monsoon variability and its links to Greenland climate oscillations (under preparation)

Shraddha Band, M.G.Yadava, R.Ramesh, Nikita Kaushal, M. Midhun,Timmy  Francis , Amzad Laskar,  Gideon   Henderson,  Response of Indian Summer Monsoon during the last two Glacial periods, a study from stalagmite, Belum cave, India (Manuscript under preparation)

Shraddha Band, M.G.Yadava, Mahjoor lone, Chuan-Chou Shen,Sachin Gupta,  and R.Ramesh,Impact of mid-Holocene aridification on central Indian civilization.  (Manuscript under preparation)



Papers/Abstract in conference proceedings


Shraddha Band, M.G.Yadava, Kaushik Sree R. Ramesh, V. J. Polyak and Y. Asmerom, High resolution precipitation records from a stalagmite of Kotumsar cave, Chhattisgarh. 28th ISMAS symposium cum workshop on mass spectrometry, 2014, pp 264-265.

S. Band,  A.H. Laskar, P. R. Lekshmy, M. Midhun,  M. G. Yadava and R. Ramesh, Holocene monsoon variability derived from speleothems. Mini-symposium on reconciliation of Marine and Terrestrial records of summer monsoon variability during the  Holocene, 80th INSA anniversary general meeting ,2014, page 4 .

Shraddha T Band, Madhusudan G Yadava, Kaushik Sree, R. Ramesh, Victor J Polyak and YemaneAsmerom, High-resolution monsoon reconstruction using an annually resolved stalagmite from Kotumsar cave, India, AGU fall meeting 2014.

Shraddha Band, M.G.Yadava, R.Ramesh, Sachin Gupta, V. J. Polyak and Y. Asmerom, Holocene Monsoon variability using stalagmite record from Dandak cave, India, Goldscmidtconference,Yokohama, 2016

Narayana Allu C, GautamPawan K, Band Shraddha , Yadava M G , Ramesh Rengaswamy, and Chuan-Chou Shen, High Resolution deglacial monsoon δ18O record from a new stalagmite from the Kailash Cave, Central India,Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 18, EGU2016-9006, 2016


Posters presented


Shraddha Band, M.G.Yadava, Timmy  Francis, Amzad Laskar, Nikita Kaushal,R.Ramesh, Gideon Henderson, High resolution precipitation records from a stalagmite of Belum Cave, India. Summer school on speleothem science.University of Oxford,2015.