Maryline LE BÉON             Distinguished post-doctoral fellow

TEL:+886-2-2783-9910 ext. 412

Active tectonics and Quaternary Geochronology


Academic Experience 



Research Interests  


- Kinematics and seismic behavior of active faults: Distribution of large earthquakes (M ≥ 6.5) in time and space, temporal evolution of deformation rates, from a few years to several 100 ka, creeping faults, coseismic displacements


- Quaternary Geochronology techniques as evolving tools: combining techniques for dating, methodological calibrations, and to understand erosion / transport / deposition / post-deposition processes


- Connate fields: Tectonic plates kinematics, structural geology, river processes, paleo-climatology, paleo-environments, pedology, archeology…


Field experience and laboratory skills  

 - Geodesy (GPS): Organization of GPS campaigns and data acquisition in the field, GPS data processing using GAMIT/GlobK software, geophysical and tectonic interpretation

- Paleo-seismology: Trench digging, data acquisition and interpretation

- Tectonic geomorphology: Mapping of active faults and Quaternary formations (satellite imagery, Digital Earth Models, and field work), use of sub-surface structural data to interpret surface deformation

- Quaternary Geochronology:

- 10Be cosmogenic dating: sampling, chemical processing of the samples, processing of the AMS data and interpretation of the 10Be concentrations: exposure ages and erosion rates.

- Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL): sampling, chemical processing of the coarse- and fine-grain samples, luminescence signal measurements on TL-OSL Riso reader, and age determination.  I have worked on both quartz and feldspar minerals.

- Sampling for 14C dating.

- Geographic Information System (GIS): kinematic GPS survey, ENVI, Adobe Illustrator & MaPublisher, GMT, GoogleEarth, RiverTools (river network geomorphology)

- Field areas: Near-East (Israel, Jordan, Lebanon), Taiwan, France, Southern California, Greece, China (Sichuan)


Teaching experience  

- University classes (2007-2008) :

      - Practical classes : Geological maps and construction of geological cross-sections (B.Sc. level)

      - Teaching assistant for Master-level field trips :

               - Active tectonics in Greece, Gulf of Corinth and Peloponesus

               - Geological mapping and 3D modeling of the Ales Carboniferous Basin (France)

                 (in collaboration with the french geological survey)

               - Tectonics and structural geology in the french Alps

- Students training :

      - July 2009 : Papers review about Neotectonics (4th-year undergraduate student, NTU)

      - March-July 2010 : Co-supervision of a 1st-year master student from ENS Paris, France.

     Research projet about the long-term growth of the Tainan anticline (Taiwan fold-and-thrust belt)

      - Since February 2010 : Supervision of a 4th-year undergraduate student (now Master student) from NTU.

     Part-time research projet : application of luminescence in dating paleo-earthquakes along the Dead Sea fault (Jordan)

- General public :

      - 2001-2005 : Contribution to an on-line scientific forum for high-school students

      - Regular contribution to « Fête de la Science » scientific event from 2001 to 2007



Le Béon M., Y. Klinger, M. Al-Qaryouti, A-S. Mériaux, R. Finkel, A. Elias, O. Mayyas, F. Ryerson and P. Tapponnier (2010), Early Holocene and Late Pleistocene slip rates of the southern Dead Sea Fault determined from 10Be cosmogenic dating of offset alluvial deposits, J. Geophys. Res., 115, B11414, doi:10.1029/2009JB007198. 24 pages.

Le Beon M., Y. Klinger, A. Q. Amrat, A. Agnon, L. Dorbath, G. Baer, J. Ruegg, O. Charade, and O. Mayyas (2008), Slip rate and locking depth from GPS profiles across the southern Dead Sea Transform, J. Geophys. Res., 113, B11403, doi:10.1029/2007JB005280. 19 pages.  

 Submitted publication: 

Le Béon M., Y. Klinger, A-S. Mériaux, M. Al-Qaryouti, R. C. Finkel, O. Mayyas and P. Tapponnier, Plio-Quaternary morpho-tectonic mapping of the Wadi Araba (Southern Jordan) and implications for the tectonic activity of the southern Dead Sea Fault. To be submitted to Tectonics.

 Article in preparation: 

Le Béon M., M. K. Jaiswal, Y-G. Chen, J. Suppe, M. E. Ustaszewski, Long-record (~30 ka) of variable fault slip obtained from progressive fault-bend folding of OSL-dated fluvial terraces across the Chelungpu-Sanyi Thrust (western Taiwan fold-and-thrust belt), in preparation for J. Geophys. Res.

Le Béon M. (2008), Cinématique d'un segment de faille décrochante à différentes échelles de temps : la faille du Wadi Araba, segment sud de la faille transformante du Levant. Paris, France, Institut de Physique du Globe, Ph.D (in English with French introduction), 304 pp