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International Conference on
Evolution, Transfer and Release of Magmas and Volcanic Gases
Academia Sinica, Taipei, April 22-27, 2007

Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica


The conference will be held at the Institute of Earth Sciences (IES), Academia Sinica.


The IES is one of the thirty institutes of Academia Sinica, the most important research institution in the Republic of China. IES conducts basic research in order to improve the understanding of our Earth system, and applies the acquired knowledge to help with hazard mitigation and resources management.
Housed in a building with more than 8,000 square meters floor space, IES is well equipped with advanced analytical instruments and computing equipment for geochemical and geophysical research. Major facilities include several isotope ratio mass spectrometers, electron microprobe, diamond anvils for high pressure experiments, Raman spectrometer, broadband digital seismometers and ocean bottom seismometers, high precision GPS receivers, superconducting magnetometers, computer workstations, and a library with the key journals.
At present, IES faculty members are carrying out a wide range of projects in solar system research, seismology and tectonophysics, paleomagnetism, high-pressure mineral physics, geochemistry, cosmochemistry, volcanology, paleoclimatology, atmospheric sciences, and related disciplines. Faculty members do not have teaching duties but may take a small teaching load at universities. Close collaborations exist with university professors. In addition, numerous international cooperative programs are being conducted.
IES is pleased to host and sponsor the International Conference on Evolution, Transfer and Release of Magmas and Volcanic Gases. It is hoped that scientific interaction will be stimulated, and that this meeting will foster further international collaborative research projects.


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