photoLionel Sonnette   Postdoctoral Fellow

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fold and thrust belts curvature using paleostress, anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility and paleomagnetism characterization.


09/2010 – 08/2011

ATER (course and research assistant for the earth science department) at the Nice-Sophia Antipolis University (France)

10/2007 – 09/2010

Moniteur (course assistant for the earth science department) at the Nice-Sophia Antipolis University (France)



2007 – 2012

Ph.D in geosciences at Geoazur laboratory

University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis

Structural and paleomagnetic study of the curvature of the fold and thrust belts of the arc of Nice-Castellane and the NE Taiwan


2005 – 2007

Master in geosciences (Mention good)

University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France)

2004 – 2005

Licence in earth sciences (Mention good)

University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France)

2002 – 2004

DEUG in earth and universe sciences (Mention good)

University of Provence (France)


All following publications are available at

Articles in international journal

1- Sage, F., Beslier, M.-O., Thinon, I., Larroque, C., Dessa, J.-X., Migeon, S., Angelier, J., Guennoc, P., Schreiber, D., Michaud, F., Stephan, J.-F., and Sonnette, L., 2011. Structure and evolution of a passive margin in a compressive environment: example of the south-western Alps-Ligurian basin junction during the Cenozoic. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 28, 1263-1282.

2- Sonnette, L., Angelier, J., Villemin, T., and Bergerat, F., 2010. Faulting and fissuring in active oceanic rift: Surface expression, distribution and tectonic volcanic interaction in the Thingvellir Fissure Swarm, Iceland. Journal of Structural geology, 32, 407-422, doi: 10.1016/j.jsg.2010.01.003.

Posters at international congress

1- Sonnette, L., 2011. Interpretation of salient shape from paleostress fields examples of Castellane, Nice (France) and North Taiwan salients. Poster at Faults: Why? Where? How? Meeting in memory of Jacques Angelier, Paris, 2011.

2- Sonnette, L., Angelier, J., Villemin, T., Bergerat, F., 2011. Surface expression, spatial distribution and temporal propagation of the faulting and fissuring in the Thingvellir fissure swarm. Oral at EGU 2011 Congress, Vienna.

3- Sonnette, L., Angelier, J., Sage, F., Larroque, C., Delouis, B., Stéphan, J.-F., 2011. Role of the structural inheritance in formation of the Nice subalpine chain, interpreted from paleostress inversion and structural observations. Poster at EGU 2011 Congress, Vienna.

4- Sonnette, L., Gattacceca, J., Larroque, C., Stéphan, J.-F., 2011. Paleomagnetism as a marker of synfolding rotation. Example of the dome de Barrôt (subalpine massif, SE France). Poster at EGU 2011 Congress, Vienna.

5- Sonnette, L., Angelier, J., Lee, T.-Q., and Stéphan, J.-F., 2010. New paleomagnetic and shortening trend results for Taiwan, from Miaoli to Keelung area and Hengchun peninsula. Oral and Poster at GEEA 2010 congress, Aix-en-Provence.

6- Sonnette, L., Plateaux R., Stéphan, J.-F., Angelier, J., and Gattacceca, J., 2010. Microtectonic and magnetic study of a cover-basement interaction, example of the ‘Dôme de Barrot’, (SE of France). Poster at EGU 2010 congress, Vienna.

7- Sonnette, L., Angelier, J., Stéphan, J.-F., Gattacecca, J., Plateaux, R. and Dussaux, J.-B., 2009. Magnetic and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of the sedimentary cover in thrust units compared with tectonic stress: the Nice and Castellane arcs, SE of France. Poster at IAGA 2009 Congress, Sopron.

8- Sonnette, L., Angelier,J., Lee, T.-Q., Chang, C.-P. and Stawomir, J. G., 2009. New paleomagnetic and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility results highlight the structural evolution of southern Taiwan within the frame of oblique collision. Poster at IAGA 2009 Congress, Sopron.

Academic memoir

Sonnette, L., 2012. Structural and paleomagnetic study of the curvature of the folds and thrusts belts of Nice, Castellane and North-East Taiwan. Ph.D Thesis, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, in French, 352p.

Professional skills


ü        Geological mapping and building of balanced cross-sections

ü        Measuring of fractures on the field and by photogrammetry

ü        Stress directions calculation from a fault cluster using Prof. J. Angelier’s method

ü        Sampling for magnetic analysis, for microscope analysis and Ar/Ar and K/Ar datations

ü        Analyse and interpretation of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) of a rock

ü        Characterisation of the rock remanent magnetization and corresponding vertical axis rotation interpretation


ü        Structural Geology (courses, practical work and field work – Licence and Master level)

ü        Metamorphism (practical work – Licence level)

ü        General Geology (courses and practical work - Licence level)

ü        Supervision of Licence project on structural geology and AMS


ü        Desktop: Microsoft Office, Open Office

ü        CAD: Corel Draw

ü        GIS: Autocad, ArcGIS

ü        Specific software: Tector 94 (stress inversion), Paleomac (paleomagnetism and AMS), E Poivilliers (photogrammetry)


Photograph of a striated fault plane with beautiful calcite crystallization. Fault affects Liassic limestones. Outcrop along the road between Puget-Théniers and Léouvé (Alpes Maritimes - 06, France). Others personal photographs on