Jiajun Chong Postdoctoral Fellow Jiajun Chong Postdoctoral Fellow

 TEL:+886-2-2783-9910 ext. 312
 E-mail:jiajunchong (at) gmail.com

 Specialty:Geophysics, Seismology

  • Ph.D., Geophysics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China, 2013
  • B.S., Geophysics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China, 2007
  • Postdoctoral fellow, Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, 2013/6-2014/5
  • Visiting Scholar, Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley, California, United States, 2010/9-2012/7
[Research Interests]
  • Seismic Imaing of Crustal Structure: surface wave dispersion, Rayleigh wave particle motion, receiver function
  • Seismic Waveform Tomography: seismic waveform tomography of regional upper mantle structure
  • Near Surface Structure: imaging near surface structure with high frequency Rayleigh wave or borehole seismic waveform
  • Seismic Source: focal depth and focal mechanism of small to moderate earthquakes
  • Seismic Waveform Modeling and Inversion
  • Seismic Waveform Tomography
  • Proficient in programing with Frotran 90, C, MPI, Shell, Gawk, Perl
  • Seismic Software Development
  • Well experienced in working with Linux/Unix, Windows, MS Office
[Professional Membership]
  • Chinese Geophysical Society 2006-present
  • American Geophysical Union 2008-present
[Honors and Awards]
  • National Scholarship for Graduate Students, Ministry of Education, China, 2012
  • Academic Scholarship for Doctoral Candidates, Ministry of Education, China, 2011
  • State Scholarship for Joint PhD Program, China Scholarship Council, 2010
  • Graduate Innovation Fund Grated by Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China, 2008
  • Yang Ya Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Student, 2008
  • Outstanding Thesis Award for Bachelor Degree of Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China, 2007
  • Outstanding Student Leader of Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China, 2007

A. Journals
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B. Internaional Conference Papers

  1. Jiajun Chong, et al. Joint Inversion of Teleseismic Body-Wave Receiver Function, Rayleigh-Wave Phase Velocity Dispersion and ZH Ratio. 2013 AGU Fall Meeting. (ORAL)

  2. Jiajun Chong, Huaiyu Yuan, Scott French, Barbara Romanowicz, Sidao Ni. Anisotropic Upper Mantle Shear-wave Structure of East Asia from Waveform Inversion. 2012 IRIS Workshop, Boise, IDO

  3. Jiajun Chong, Huaiyu Yuan, Scott French, Barbara Romanowicz, Sidao Ni. Imaging 3D anisotropic upper mantle shear velocity structure of Southeast Asia using seismic waveform inversion. 2011 AGU Fall Meeting. T33B-2409

  4. Jiajun Chong, Sidao Ni. sPL, an effective seismic phase for determining focal depth at near distances. 2010 AGU Fall Meeting. S21C-2049