Booking rules of SEM:

1. Please contact with the lab manager: Dr. Yoshiyuki Iizuka.

2. How to make an appointment?

    E-mail: Please fill up the registration sheet and send mail to

    Please come to the lab (Room217) and discuss with the manager, if you want to make your first appointment.

3. Please make an appointment before 2 working days.

4. Please bring the sample before your machine time.

5. If you want to cancel the schedule, please talk to the lab manager before 2 working days.

    Please do not cancel your machine time on that day.

6. Operation time: AM9:00~PM6:00.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Priority for IES users Open/ Maintenance day every two weeks OPEN Priority for IES users Priority for EBSD users Limited open for permitted users Limited open for permitted users