Lin, Ching-Ren   Associate Research Scientist


   TEL+886-2-2783-9910 ext. 1206, 1822

 Specialty: Electronics, Geophysics Instrumentation, Seismology.


·         B. S ., 1997 , Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

·         M. S., 2000, Institute of Geophysics, National Central University

·         Ph.D., 2009, Institute of Geophysics, National Central University


·         1985/7~1993/12: Electronic Technician, IES-Academia Sinica

·         1994/1~ 2010/12: Electronic Engineer

·         2005/4 ~ 2005/12: Woods Hole Oceangraphic Institution Geology & Geophysics Department Guest Investigator

·         2010/12 ~2015/08: Assistant Research Scientist

·         2015/08 ~ present:  Ascociate Research Scientist



(1). Leveling System for Compact Seismic Sensors

Patent number: TW Issued No: I 414807

Date of grant:  2013-11-11,   Scheduled expiry date:  2031-02-23

Inventor: Chau-Chang Wang, Po-Chi Chen, Jia-Pu Jang, Jung-Li Tien, Ban-Yuan Kao, Ching-Ren Lin.

Fields of Application: Earthquake monitoring, underwater fault investigation, underwater resources (petroleum, gas, methane hydrates among others) exploration, tsunami monitoring.

Reference web site:


 (2). Beacon system capable of positioning coordinate

Patent number: TW Issued No: M 462924

Date of grant:  2013-10-01,   Scheduled expiry date:  2013-05-20

Inventor:  Ching-Ren Lin, Hsu-Kuang Chang, Jia-Pu Jang.

AbstractA kind of beacon that integrated Radio, GPS and Flash function become a new type “Flash beacon with wireless GPS”. It is mounted on the underwater device normally. The beacon will be turn on when it floating up surface within 10 meter then sent out GPS position via radio signal and high illumination LED will also turn on at dark environment. Operator can receive beacon’s position by decoded radio signal and see a flashlight at dark environment that generated from the beacon. It could be deploy more than 6000 meters water depth.

Fields of Application:

(i)         Water surface position indicator for cable free underwater device.

(ii)        Water device position indication.

(iii)       Longline fishing buoy location guide.

(iv)       Flow field analysis of ocean currents.

(v)        Velocity analysis of river water flow.

Reference web site:


(3). Switch device

Patent StatusTW Issued No: M 487518

Date of grant:  2014-10-01,   Scheduled expiry date:  2014-03-12

Inventor:  Ching-Ren Lin, Jia-Pu Jang.

AbstractA kind of under water power switch which action by water pressure. This device could be installation on under water instruments for controlling electric power ON and OFF when that instruments floatation near surface 10 – 30 m. The maximum deployment range is 10,000 meters deep in the water.

Fields of Application:

(i)         Underwater device position indicator power control.

(ii)        Underwater device deep end power control.

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