The Asia-Pacific workshop on mantle convection and lithosphere dynamics is aimed at gathering the Asia-Pacific community of researchers in lithosphere and mantle dynamics, seismology, mineral physics, and geochemistry to stimulate discussion and collaborative works. It is built on the model of European and US workshops on lithoshere and mantle dynamics. The scientific topics covered are: Presentations are by invitation only and the list of invited speakers is available in the Scientific Program page. The workshop will also provide the opportunity for everyone to present their work during the different poster sessions. If you are willing to participate the poster sessions, please visit the Abstract Submission page and follow the indications.

The workshop will be held every 2 years in a different location. The first event is planned in Landis Resort , Taipei, from September 23rd to 25th September, 2016.

Local organizing committee

  • Frédéric Deschamps
  • Eh Tan
  • Ban-Yuan Kuo
  • Han Hsu
  • Yun-Yuan Chang
  • Wen-Pin Hsieh
  • Kensuke Konishi
  • Yang Li
  • Kenny Vilella
  • Rong-Yi Yan
  • Wen-Che Yu