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1985/07 ~ 1988/06

1988/07 ~ 1992/06

1992/07 ~ 2003/10研究助理

2003/10 ~ now研究助技師.


B.S. National Cheng-Kong University, 1978-1982.

 M.S. National Cheng-Kong University, 1989-1991.

 Ph.D. National Chiao-tung University, 1995-2001.

1985/07 ~ 1988/06

1988/07 ~ 1992/06

1992/07 ~ 2003/10 Research  Assistant

2003/10 ~ now Assist Scientist


Academic Expert SueveyingGeodesyGPSCrustal deformationNetwork designLeast squared methodStatisticsTheory of Error…


Hornor  ISI Citation Classic Award, 2001 .



1984-1989 :  Field work and analysis in Leveling and EDM

1989-2005Field work and analysis in GPS

1996-2001The plate motion in the Taiwan-Luzon region

2002-2003Design Relative Antenna Calibration System

2003-2005 :  Design Automated Absolute Antenna Calibration System

20-year experience  in Geodesy and Crustal Deformation.




Interest Area

Crustal deformationPlate motionVolcano monitoringGPS/MET (3D-TEC & 3D-PWV) and VRS (Vertural Reference GPS Station)

Using the GPS linked Acoustic positioning to monitor the Oceanic Plate is the most interest now.


Main mission 

1.  Project Surporting 

2.  Provide technical service in Geodesy and GPS.

3.  GPS Data Quality Control.

4.  Improve the Accuracy of GPS

5.  Maintain Long-term GPS Frame in Taiwan

6.  Create new service fields.


Under developement

1.  Establish GPS Data base .

2. Automated Data processing for CORS.

3. Real-time GPS Processing for the Earthquake.

4. Provide high frequency(1-10Hz) GPS data and position.

5. Combined GPS result with IGS.

6. Design Instrument for Geodetic Research.



1.  Provide Near-real-time GPS Site coordinates.

2.  Time series of GPS Site position.

3.  Short-term(season) and Long-term(years) Crustal  motion.

4.  Strain accumulation in Taiwan(SIT)

5.  Identify areas of seismic hazard in  Taiwan


Recent publications:

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Chen, H.Y., L.C. Kuo, W.S., Chuang, and S.B. Yu (2003) Using Quasi Ionosphere-Free post-processing algorithm on the medium-range kinematic high accuracy GPS relative positioning, Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences, Vol. 8, No. 2B, 610-618.

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Chen H. Y., L. C. Kuo, and S. B. Yu (2004) Coseismic movement and seismic ground motion associated with the 31 March 2002 Hualien “331” earthquake, TAO. 15, 4, 683-695, 2004(SCI)

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陳宏宇 郭隆晨 莊王熊 余水倍 (2003)中長距離高精度GPS動態定位應用於強地動的研究.地籍測量,第22卷,第三期,24-40




      建構高精度GPS天線率定場, 中央研究院地球科學研究所研究技術報告2004.

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