1. Academia Sinica Investigator Award

  • Sun-Lin Chung: Accretionary and Collisional Tectonics in Asia: Studying Continental Orogeny from Magmatic Perspectives thru South East Asia Experiment, 2015/1- 2019/12 (5yrs)
  • Shiann-Jong Lee: An Integration of Computational Seismology Research: The Taiwan Numerical Earthquake Model, 2013/1 -2017/12 (5yrs)
  • Der-Chuen Lee: Naturally occurring stable isotope fractionations, in addition to the conventional H, C, N, O, and S, have been reported in various primitive and differentiated meteorites, 2006/1-2010/12 (5yrs)
  1. Career Development Award

  • Kuo-Lung Wang: Tracking ancient mantle evolution: geochemical investigation of ophiolites and mantle xenoliths in the Aldan Shield, Siberian Craton, 2018/1-2022/12 (5yrs)
  • Wen-Pin Hsieh, Thermal conductivity and elastic property of deep Earth materials under extreme pressure-temperature conditions, 2017/1-2021/12 (5yrs)
  • Ya-Ju Hsu: Modeling of earthquake-cycle slip and slow-moving landslides using the rate-and-state friction law, 2016/1-2020/12 (5yrs)
  • Frederic Deschamps: Dynamics and structure of planetary mantles: observations and models, 2013/1 - 2017/12 (5yrs)
  • Li Zhao: Full-wave finite-frequency  global seismic tomography, 2009/1-2013/12 (5yrs)
  1. On-going Sustainability Science Thematic Research Projects

  • Cheng-Horng Lin, Bor-Shouh Huang: Multiple Applications of Broadband Seismic Array on Natural Disaster Prevention), 2013/1 -2015/12
  • Kuo-Fong Ma, Ban-Yuan Kuo: Taiwan Thermal Model: Understanding the arc-continent collisional processes and geothermal systems, 2013/1 - 2015/12 (3yrs)
  1. Thematic Research Program

  • Ban-Yuan Kuo: Imaging the Ryukyu subduction system: Dynamics, structure, and earthquake potential, 2015/1- 2017/12(3yrs)
  •       Subprojects:

    1. Ban-Yuan Kuo, Kuo-Lung Wang: Structure of the Okinawa trough and the dynamics of the Ryukyu subduction zone inferred from OBS data
    2. Shu-Huei Hung: 3-D anatomy of the Ryukyu subduction zone from mutliscale finite-frequency traeveltime tomography
    3. Li Zhao: Full-wave Inversions for the Anisotropy and Anelasticity Structures of the Ryukyu Subduction Zone
    4. Yuan-Cheng Gung: Resolving 3D seismic anisotropy of the Ryukyu subduction zone using ambient seismic noises
    5. Eh Tan: Investigating the thermal structures and mantle flow dynamics of the Ryukyu subduction zone
    6. Hui-Hsuan Chen: Seismogenesis of megathrust earthquakes in the Ryukyu subduction zone
  • Lou-Chuang Lee: Earthquake Precursors: Monitoring and Research, 2013/1- 2013/12
  • Benjamin Fong Chao: Main Project Understanding the Life of the Tatun Volcanic Group:Integrated Analysis of Geophysical, Geochemical and Geodetic Observations, 2012/1-2014/12 (3yrs)


    1. Cheng-Horng Lin: Integrated crustal deformation monitoring at Tatun volcanic Group
    2. Tsanyao Frank Yang: Evaluating the activity of potential magma chamber in Tatun Volcanic Group based on the study of fluid/gas geochemistry and estimation of volcanic gas emission
    3. Cheinway Huang: Mass transfer and Deformation Monitoring over the Tatun Volcanic Group by Terrestrial Gravimetry
    4. Yu-Chang Chan: Geomorphic Reanalysis of the Tatun Volcanic Group Using Airborne LiDAR Data
    5. Chang-Hwa Chen: The most recent volcanic eruption and climate change in Tatun Volcanic Group, northern Taiwan
  • Jeen-Hwa Wang: Strong Motions, Active Faults, and Earthquakes in the Taipei Metropolitan Area (SAFE-Taipei), 2005-2007  (3yrs)
  • Typhoon Lee: DUST-BUSTER, 2002-2004 (3yrs)
  • Teh-Quei Lee: Asian paleo-environment changes (II): Holocene high-resolution paleo-climate reconstruction in Taiwan and its neighboring area, 2003/1-2005/12 (3yrs)
  • Teh-Quei Lee: Asian paleo-environment changes (I): Land-sea correlation and linkage), 1999/7-2002/6 (3yrs)
  • Teh-Quei Lee: Cenozoic tectonic & geodynamic study in Xinjiang, western China, 1998/7-2001/6 (3yrs)