深耕計畫 (Academia Sinica Investigator Award )

  • 鍾孫霖:亞洲大地構造與岩漿作用研究:東南亞實驗 (Sun-Lin Chung: Accretionary and Collisional Tectonics in Asia: Studying Continental Orogeny from Magmatic Perspectives thru South East Asia Experiment), 2015/1- 2019/12 (5yrs)
  • 李憲忠: 計算地震學之綜合研究:台灣數值地震模型 (Shiann-Jong Lee: An Integration of Computational Seismology Research: The Taiwan Numerical Earthquake Model), 2013/1- 2017/12 (5yrs)
  • 李德春:Naturally occurring stable isotope fractionations, in addition to the conventional H, C, N, O, and S, have been reported in various primitive and differentiated meteorites,   2006/1-2010/12 (5yrs)

前瞻計畫 (Career Development Award)

  • 王國龍:早期地函演化示蹤:西伯利亞古陸蛇綠岩與地函橄欖岩的地球化學研究 (Kuo-Lung Wang, Tracking ancient mantle evolution: geochemical investigation of ophiolites and mantle xenoliths in the Aldan Shield, Siberian Craton), 2018/1-2022/12 (5yrs)
  • 謝文斌: 地球深部礦物於高溫高壓下之熱傳導及彈性研究(Wen-Pin Hsieh, Thermal conductivity and elastic property of deep Earth materials under extreme pressure-temperature conditions), 2017/1-2021/12 (5yrs)
  • 許雅儒: 使用速率-狀態摩擦定律模擬地震周期斷層滑移及山崩的潛移行為 (Ya-Ju Hsu, Modeling of earthquake-cycle slip and slow-moving landslides using the rate-and-state friction law), 2016/1-2020/12 (5yrs)
  • 戴夏飛 (Frederic Deschamps) Dynamics and structure of planetary mantles: observations and models, 2013/1 - 2017/12 (5yrs)
  • 趙里:有限频率地震波全球模型反演 (Li Zhao: Full-wave finite-frequency  global seismic tomography), 2009/1-2013/12 (5yrs)


永續計畫 (On-going Sustainability Science Thematic Research Projects )

  • 林正洪, 黃柏壽:台灣巨大震災風險與複合地質災害 (Cheng-Horng Lin, Bor-Shouh Huang: Multiple Applications of Broadband Seismic Array on Natural Disaster Prevention), 2013/1 -2015/12
  • 馬國鳳 郭本垣:台灣地熱模型:瞭解弧陸碰撞過程及地熱系統 (Kuo-Fong Ma, Ban-Yuan Kuo: Taiwan Thermal Model: Understanding the arc-continent collisional processes and geothermal systems ), 2013/1 - 2015/12

主題計畫 (Thematic Research Program )

  • 郭本垣: 琉球隱沒系統之動力學、構造、與地震潛勢(Ban-Yuan Kuo: Imaging the Ryukyu subduction system: Dynamics, structure, and earthquake potential),
    2015/1- 2017/12(3yrs)
  •       6個子計畫

    1. 郭本垣, 王國龍: 由海底地震儀資料推測沖繩海槽之構造與琉球隱沒帶之地幔動力學 (Ban-Yuan Kuo, Kuo-Lung Wang: Structure of the Okinawa trough and the dynamics of the Ryukyu subduction zone inferred from OBS data)
    2. 洪淑蕙: 以多重尺度有限頻寬走時層析成像解構琉球隱沒帶的三維速度變化 (Shu-Huei Hung: 3-D anatomy of the Ryukyu subduction zone from mutliscale finite-frequency traeveltime tomography)
    3. 趙里: 全波場反演琉球隱沒帶之非均向性非彈性速度結構 (Li Zhao: Full-wave Inversions for the Anisotropy and Anelasticity Structures of the Ryukyu Subduction Zone)
    4. 龔源成: 利用地震噪訊解析琉球隱沒帶之震波非均向性 (Yuan-Cheng Gung: Resolving 3D seismic anisotropy of the Ryukyu subduction zone using ambient seismic noises)
    5. 譚諤: 探索琉球隱沒帶的熱構造與動力模型 (Eh Tan: Investigating the thermal structures and mantle flow dynamics of the Ryukyu subduction zone)
    6. 陳卉瑄: 琉球隱沒帶大地震之孕震機制與潛勢分析 (Hui-Hsuan Chen: Seismogenesis of megathrust earthquakes in the Ryukyu subduction zone)
  • 李羅權:地震前兆觀測與研究 (Lou-Chuang Lee: Earthquake Precursors: Monitoring and Research), 2013/1- 2013/12
  • 趙丰: 大屯火山群: 整合分析地球物理、地球化學、測地學之觀測 (Benjamin Fong Chao: Main Project Understanding the Life of the Tatun Volcanic Group:Integrated Analysis of Geophysical, Geochemical and Geodetic Observations), 2012/1-2014/12 (3yrs)


    1. 林正洪:整合大屯火山群之地殼變形監測 (Cheng-Horng Lin: Integrated crustal deformation monitoring at Tatun volcanic Group)
    2. 楊燦堯:在大屯火山群研究基礎上評估流體/氣體之地球化學和火山氣體排放造成潛在的岩漿活動 (Tsanyao Frank Yang: Evaluating the activity of potential magma chamber in Tatun Volcanic Group based on the study of fluid/gas geochemistry and estimation of volcanic gas emission)
    3. 黃金維:利用高精度連續觀測超導重力儀、絕對重力儀並配合相對重力儀以監測大屯火山群之時空重力變化 (Cheinway Huang: Mass transfer and Deformation Monitoring over the Tatun Volcanic Group by Terrestrial Gravimetry)
    4. 詹瑜璋:利用原有空載光達數據再分析大屯火山群之地貌 (Yu-Chang Chan: Geomorphic Reanalysis of the Tatun Volcanic Group Using Airborne LiDAR Data)
    5. 陳中華:氣候變化對大屯火山群的影響以研判最近的火山噴發時期 (Chang-Hwa Chen: The most recent volcanic eruption and climate change in Tatun Volcanic Group, northern Taiwan)
  • 王錦華:台北都會區強地動、活斷層及地震研究 (Jeen-Hwa Wang: Strong Motions, Active Faults, and Earthquakes in the Taipei Metropolitan Area (SAFE-Taipei)), 2005-2007  (3yrs)
  • 李太楓:極靈敏微塵分析儀的研發 (Typhoon Lee: DUST-BUSTER), 2002-2004 (3yrs)
  • 李德貴:亞洲古環境變遷Ⅱ:台灣及鄰近地區全新世高解析度古氣候重建 (Teh-Quei Lee: Asian paleo-environment changes (II): Holocene high-resolution paleo-climate reconstruction in Taiwan and its neighboring area), 2003/1-2005/12 (3yrs)
  • 李德貴:亞洲古環境變遷Ⅰ:海陸關聯與對比 (Teh-Quei Lee: Asian paleo-environment changes (I): Land-sea correlation and linkage), 1999/7-2002/6 (3yrs)
  • 李德貴:中國西部新疆地區新生代構造運動與大地動力學之研究 (Teh-Quei Lee: Cenozoic tectonic & geodynamic study in Xinjiang, western China), 1998/7-2001/6 (3yrs)