Ordre des Palmes Académiques

The Ordre des Palmes académiques (English: Order of Academic Palms) is an Order of Chivalry of France to academics and educators. The order was originally created by Napoleon to honour eminient members of the University of Paris. It was re-established on October 4, 1955 by President René Coty and is one of the world's oldest civil awards.

Originally, the palmes académiques were only given to teachers or professors. In 1866, the scope of the award was widened to include major contributions to French national education made by anybody, including foreigners. It was also made available to French nationals outside of France who had made major contributions to the expansion of French culture in the rest of the world.

Decisions on nomination and promotion are made by the Minister of Education. For those not connected to state-sponsored public education or the Ministry of National Education, these decisions are made on January 1. For all others, they are made on July 14, which is Bastille Day.

Ordre des palmes académiques
A chevalier’s Palmes
Awarded by France
Type Order. Three degrees : chevalier (knight), officier (officer) and commandeur (commander)
Awarded for Distinguished contributions to french education


Order (decoration)

An Order is a decoration, awarded by a government, a dynastic house, or a religious body to an individual, usually for distinguished service to a nation or to humanity.

Modern orders and decorations can trace its origin back to the medieval Orders of Chivalry. By the time of the Renaissance, most European monarchs either acquired an existing Order of Chivalry, or created new orders of their own, to reward loyal civilian and especially military officials. Some of modern Europe's highest honours, such as the Order of the Golden Fleece, England's Order of the Garter, Denmark's Order of the Elephant and Scotland's Order of the Thistle, were created during that era.


The French actual Order

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