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梁茂昌研究員實驗室徵求 博士後研究

Institute Institute of Earth Sciences, Academica Sinica
Title Postdoctoral Fellow 1-2 person

utilize conventional (concentration, d13C, d18O, d15N, d34S, etc) and unconventional (d17O, d33S, d36S, clumped, etc) tools for various bio-geo-chemical problems, including but not limited to 
1. carbon cycle such as gross primary productivity, 
2. nitrogen cycle including N2O, nitrate, and ammonium dynamics, 
3. pollution chemistry for both gaseous and particulate phases, in particular oxidation chemistry involved.

Qualification Ph.D. (or close to completion) in atmospheric science, environmental engineering, biological, geological, physical or chemical related discipline. The candidates are expected to have some experiences in stable isotope analysis
Salary Based on the standard of Academia Sinica
Contact Person Anita Wu
Address 128, Sec. 2, Academia Rd., Taipei 11529, Taiwan
Telephone (02)27839910#1613
E-mail anita@earth.sinica.edu.tw
Required Documents

Please send the CV and a short research statement to Anita Wu, anita@earth.sinica.edu.tw

Post Date 2019/7/20
Deadline 2019/12/31