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2019-05-14(二) Prof. Makiko K. HABA & Prof. Katsuhiko SUZUKI


主講人: Prof. Makiko K. HABA
          (Dept of Earth and Planetary Sciences Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan)

日期: 2019-05-14 (二) 14:00-14:40

地點: 三樓 R314研討室

講題: Initial abundance of extinct Niobium-92 in the solar system

主講人: Prof. Katsuhiko SUZUKI
          (Director, Center for Submarine Resources, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and                     Technology (JAMSTEC), Kanagawa, Japan)

日期: 2019-05-14 (二) 15:00-15:40

地點: 三樓 R314研討室

講題: Marine Os isotope as a tool to elucidate the processes of geological events