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12/27 14:00 劉名章 博士生
(Department of Earth and Space Sciences, UCLA, USA )
Short-lived radionuclides, Early solar system chronology and irradiation processes - A hibonite perspective 李太楓
12/20 14:00 林銘郎 教授(台灣大學土木系) 斷層錯動對上覆沖積層與地中結構之影響 (The deformation of overburden soil induced by thrust faulting and its impact on underground tunnels) 許雅儒
12/05 -12/07   南中國海域海嘯預警與災害防治研討會  
11/29 14:00 陳明德 教授(海洋大學應用地球科學所) Probing into East Asian Paleoclimate by Okinawa Trough Sediment 扈治安
11/22 14:00 Dr. Susanne Straub (池蘇珊) (The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, currently a visiting researcher at IES) The Geochemical Evolution of Arcs and Beyond G. Zellmer
11/08 14:00 Dr. Louis Teng (Dept. Geosciences, NTU) Reflections on Taipei Lake 李建成
11/07 14:00 Prof. Anne-Marie Boullier (Directeur CNRS au Laboratoire de Géophysique Interne et Tectonophysique, France) What olivine tells us about kimberlite petrogenesis 李建成
10/29 14:00 周義明博士 ( 美國地質調查所 ) Fused silica capillary optical cell and its applications in the study of organic and inorganic geofluids 江博明俞震甫
10/18 14:00 Dr. Louis Teng (Dept. Geosciences, NTU) Cenozoic tectonics of Taiwan revisited 戚務正
09/20 14:00 Dr. Jeen-Hwa Wang (Research Fellow, IESAS) The effects of viscosity and friction on earthquake rupture 許雅儒
09/13 14:00 Dr. Yih-Min Wu (Associate Professor, Dept. Geosciences, NTU) A study of Taiwan velocity structures, focal mechanisms, and earthquakes relocation 許雅儒
08/23 14:00 劉正彥教授(國立中央大學太空及遙測中心) Coseismo-ionispheric Disturbances – Signatures of Rayleigh, Atmospheric Gravity, Shock, and Tsunamis Waves Triggered by Large Earthquakes 戚務正
08/14 14:00 Prof. John Suppe (Geosciences, NTU) The weak-fault problem 江博明
08/08 14:00 Dr. Shu-Chuan Lin (Postdoc, Dept.  Geology, National Taiwan University) From bottom to top: Mantle plume hypothesis and subduction zone dynamics 戚務正
08/07 14:00 Dr. Bernhard Steinberger
(Geological Survey of Norway)
TPW unplugged: Absolute plate motions and true polar wander in the absence of  hotspot tracks, 320 - 130 Ma 郭本垣
07/19 14:00 Prof. Michael Brookfield (Land Resource Science, Guelph University, Guelph, ONtario, Canada) Giant tsunamis, their generation and deposits 江博明
07/18 14:00 Prof. Tadao Nishiyama
(Vice President of the Kumamoto University)
Evolution of metasomatic zoning: an experimental approach in the system dolomite-quartz-water 俞震甫
07/12 14:00 黃誌川博士
Typhoon-induced storm hydrograph simulations versus parameter sensitivity in a 3-layer TOPMODEL: A case study in subtropical mountainous watershed 李建成
07/06 10:00 Dr. Tzu-Chien Chiu
(Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
Long-term atmospheric14C record via triple-dated(230Th/234U/238U, 231Pa/235U and 14C) fossil corals versusreconstructions of paleocarbonate ion concentrations – two approaches tounderstand the glacial world 扈治安
06/28 14:00 陳界宏 博士(本所博士後研究) A possible relationship between pre-earthquake geomagnetic phenomena and earthquake occurrence 林忠成
06/21 14:00 楊燦堯教授 (Dept. Geosciences, NTU) A genetic model for mud volcanoes and gas hydrates in SW Taiwan: constraints of gas and fluid geochemistry 洪崇勝
06/14 14:00 羅尚德教授(成功大學地球科學系) Green-House Gases and Global Climate Change: the Role of Ocean 扈治安
06/07 14:00 陳建易助教授(中正大學地球與環境科學系) A novel molecular from environmental stress 楊天南
05/31 14:00 Dr. Daisuke Kinoshita  (Assistant Professor, NCU) Surface Heterogeneity of 2005 UD from Photometric Observations (also an introduction on constructing the 2-m telescope) 戚務正
05/24 14:00 李元希助理教授(中正大學地震研究所) Mountain Building Mechanism of Taiwan Orogenic Belt - Constraint by Fission Track Dating Data 戚務正
05/15 -05/18   Taiwan Geosciences Assembly(桃園龍潭渴望園區)  
05/10 14:00 張儒媛 教授
(Visiting Research Fellow, Dept. Geology, NTU)
Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Belts in China : Major Progresses in the Last Several Years 江博明
05/03 14:00 陳斌 教授 (Beijin Univ., IESAS Visiting Scholar) Origin of the Mesozoic magmatism in the North China Craton: Petrological and geochemical constraints 江博明
04/23 -04/27   International Conference on Evolution, Transfer and Release of Magmas and Volcanic Gases  
04/19 14:00 Dr. Gour-Tsyh Yeh 葉高次博士  (Provost Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Univ. Central Florida) A General Paradigm for Modeling Biogeochemical Transport and Its Application to Bioreduction of Hematite  
04/12 14:00 Dr. Douglas Rumble (Senior Scientist, Geophysical Lab., Carnegie Inst. Washington) Geochemical and Mineralogical Records of Atmospheric Photochemistry 戚務正
04/11 14:00 Prof. Pierre A. Albrecht Directeur de Recherche au C.N.R.S., Laboratoire de Géochimie Bioorganique, CNRS, Université Louis Pasteur, ECPM, France) Biomarkers as a clue to geochemical processes 江博明
03/29 14:00 Prof. Susumu Nohda (Kyoto Sangyo University, Kamigamo, Kyoto, Japan) Opening of the Japan Sea and Sr-Nd isotopes observed in the Tertiary volcanics of NE Japan, Japan Sea basin, and Sikhote-Alin 江博明
03/23 11:00 Dr. Zurab Javakhishvili (Director, Georgian Seismic Monitoring Center, Geogia) Seismic activities of the Caucasus collision zone and the  Georgian Seismic Monitoring Center 戚務正
03/16 11:00 Phædra Upton (Geology Dept., Otago Univ., New Zealand) Three-dimensional geodynamic modeling of the Southern Alps of New Zealand : Integrating models and observations to understand crustal rheology 李建成
03/13 14:00   Workshop II : Origin and exhumation of UHP Metamorphic Rocks  江博明
03/08 14:00 李建成 博士(本所副研究員) 從潛移逆斷層的斷層活動行為探討大地構造 戚務正
01/25 14:00 Dr. J. Bruce H. Shyu (PostDoc, Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, Caltech) Western central Andean neotectonics : What we know and where we go from here 詹瑜璋
01/18 14:00 Dr. Shiann-Jong Lee (Postdoc, IESAS) Numerical modeling of seismic wave propagation in the Taipei basin 黃柏壽
01/11 14:00 Prof. Francis T. Wu (Dept. Geological Sciences, State Univ. of New York, Binghamton) Outstanding problems in Taiwan orogeny and TAIGER project 戚務正