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The GEEA2014 meeting (Geodynamics and Environment in East Asia, 7th France-Taiwan Earth Science Symposium) will be held in November, 2014 at Donghua University (Hualien, Taiwan). We welcome you to visit our website at http://geea2014.earth.sinica.edu.tw

Lionel Siame and Jian-Cheng Lee Coordinators of GEEA2014


Colloquium of IESAS

Speaker Title Host



Dr. Kwan-Nang Pang

(Postdoc., NTU)

Collision zone magmas in the Caucasus-Iran-Anatolia region: compositional variability, magma genesis and tectonic implications Sun-Lin Chung



  • Postdoc position in planetary mantle dynamics [More] (2014/5/22)
  • Open PhD/research assistant position in geodynamics [More] (2014/5/22)


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