Day 6 (Sept. 22 Sat)

Dsc00221.jpg (62254 bytes) Morning Tea




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Carry it

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pull up

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And Washing

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then dry up

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Dr. Shen (Jason/Mountain) got "Allende" from the muddy floor.


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Dr. China Chen (center) estimate a damage with Mrs. Jessica Huang (left) and Dr. Ban Kuo.


E-mail station is opend in temporary.

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"Hi, you can use e-mail!" Mrs. Wang, PingShoiw established a temporary station.

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Dr. Louise Liang try to connect his e-mail server after took a shower (4PM)

Power substation in the basement

Getting clean and starting dry-up

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Also A/C system

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High-Pressure with the Raman Spectroscopy

Electric workshop