Day 5 (Sept. 21 Fri: the memorial day of Chi-Chi Erathquake in 1999)

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This is the first flood since the Institute building constructed in 1992.

A sequence of carry out.

1. drain the muddy water.

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2. Set a temporary rift.

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3. Finding a material which can be recovered.

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4. Take out to the station

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5. Rift up

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6. washing at the backyard

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7. set it back to inside.

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or ....

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Dr. [Ban] Kuo, the deputy director, instruct working plan after the lunch.

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He wears a memorial T-shirt of 921 Chi-Chi Earthquake.


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Dsc00143.jpg (61645 bytes) A power station.

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Still dark,

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getting dirty

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and dark

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Illumination is back to only the 1st floor at 5PM

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 phone.jpg (61918 bytes) A phoneline is set in temporary.



Gamma-ray counting

Sample preparation room of Cosmo- and Geochemistry

High Pressure experimental study