About IES


1969 Upon the request of Dr. Ta-You Wu, then Chairman of the National Science Council, Professors Ta-Liang Teng, Francis T. Wu and Yi-Ben Tsai proposed a plan for long-term earthquake research in Taiwan.
1971 National Science Council established a Seismology Task Force, housed in the Institute of Oceanography of National Taiwan University. Dr. Shih-Kao Yiu was appointed as head.
1972 Launched island-wide networks of seismometers and accelerographs.
1973 Seismology Group was formed within the Institute of Physics of the Academia Sinica. New 2-story building next to the Institute of Oceanography of National Taiwan University. Dr. Yi-Ben Tsai was appointed group lead.
1976 The Interim Office for the Institute of Earth Sciences was established, Dr. Yi-Ben Tsai as interim director.
1980 Set up the Isotope Geochemistry Group and the Tectonophysics Group.
1982 The Institute of Earth Sciences (IES) was formally inaugurated. Dr. Yi-Ben Tsai was appointed the first Director. The IES Advisory Committee was formed.
1985 Dr. Yeong Tein Yeh (Deputy Director) became the Acting Director (Dr. Tsai departed for the USA).
1987 Dr. Yeong Tein Yeh became the Director.
1989 Set up the High Pressure Lab.

IES physically moved to the main AS campus in Nankang, Taipei.

Dr. Francis T. Wu became the Acting Director.

1994 Dr. Yih-Hsiung Yeh became the Director.
1999 Chi-Chi earthquake; IES mandated to elevate earthquake physics and crustal deformation research. Set up “Environmental Change Research Project" that is to become the Research Center for Environmental Change of the Academia Sinica.
2000 Dr. Typhoon Lee became the Director.
2001 IES building was flooded by the Nari Typhoon, lost everything in the basement including equipments, instruments, documents
2002 Completed the 2-story annex building for labs and equipments.
2004 Dr. Bor-ming Jahn became the director.
2010 Dr. Benjamin Fong Chao became the Director.
2013 Dr. Lou-Chunag Lee became the Acting Director.
2014 Dr. Lou-Chunag Lee became the Director.
2017 Dr. Sun-Lin Chung became the Director.